The council and the private businesses on Ærø cover a wide base, and there are therefore many types of interesting jobs. Practically all professions are represented on the island, including most types of public services relating to children & youth, psychiatry & disability, elderly & health, educational institutions & museums, energy & environment, administration etc. The private businesses also boast more than twenty different maritime businesses, and in addition to that companies within the culture, tourism and service sectors, food production, IT and many other exciting areas.

A job – for a start …

On an island with a little over 6,000 inhabitants, it can be a challenge to find the job that matches your education, ambitions and dreams before moving here. But if you really want Ærø, and you are prepared to venture into new areas with an open mind to secure a stable income for a start, what will often happen is that when you have acquired a good knowledge of the island and have created a good network, exciting opportunities will arise and you can fulfil your job expectations.

Entrepreneurial culture  

Ærø has a good entrepreneurial culture, and during these years many exciting entrepreneurial projects are taking shape. The businesses are often created as a result of good cooperation between people and they enjoy good support from the local business development office, which supports new businesses and assist with professional advice. They have created a good entrepreneurial network on the island, and host events and courses. The courses are run in cooperation with “Fremtidsfabrikken” in Svendborg.

Fiber network

We are currently establishing fiber network across the island, which will ensure that digitally dependant business enjoy good terms.

Looking for jobs

It is possible to keep up to date with job opportunities by visiting the different job sites and “Ærø Ugeavis”, which is a local weekly paper. You will find the links to these sites at the bottom of this page. However, many businesses on Ærø do not advertise for new employees, even if they may be looking for someone. Over here, there is little distance between people, and job opportunities are often spread by word of mouth, or by using ones network. It can therefore be a good idea to contact relevant businesses directly by telephoning or sending your CV. You can find a list of the businesses in the local phone directory, which has the businesses divided into different areas, giving you an overview of your opportunities.