On Ærø we want to do our bit to make you feel welcome and well assisted when you are in the midst of the many speculations and practical questions that come with moving to our island. Therefore, the council has employed Settlement Consultants, who you are very welcome to contact; no matter if you are just dreaming of moving to the island, or you have already arrived with the removals lorry.

The Settlement Consultants are your link to the community on Ærø, and they can assist you with:

  • finding out where you can search for houses and jobs.
  • creating an overview of childcare options, schools, housing and care homes.
  • creating contact to unions and associations.
  • creating a plan for visiting Ærø, where you have the opportunity to visit exactly those places that are relevant for you.
  • arranging meetings with people who have already moved to Ærø, and perhaps share your interests, so you have the opportunity to hear about life on Ærø from “an insider”.

Yes, the Settlement Consultant can generally guide you in the direction of all the information you will need to create a life on Ærø.

The Settlement Consultants can be contacted by telephone or email, but they would also love to meet you over a cup of coffee.
It is often during this meeting the possibilities show.

Contact details:

. Kontakt
Joan lykke Ammersbøl Bosætningsmedarbejder i Ærø Kommune
Joan Lykke Ammersbøll
Tlf.nr. 6352 5003
Mail: flyttilaeroe@aeroekommune.dk


. Kontakt
Bjørg Dalheim Bosætningsmedarbejder i Ærø Kommune
Bjørg Dalheim
Tlf.nr. 6352 5063
Mail: flyttilaeroe@aeroekommune.dk