The possibility of finding the home of your dreams on Ærø is within reach. Here is something to cater for everyone’s taste. We have large and small townhouses, beautiful country houses and farms, practical and solid detached houses, as well as all types of rental houses. You can have sea view or live surrounded by fields, settle down in the old parts of town or newer neighbourhoods. And the prices are not like in the big cities.
gulstens rækkehuse brostensgade med gamle huse

Some people find the home of their dreams before moving here and buy straight away. Others want to try out the island life first. If they do not rent our designated settlers’ house, they may find another rental property as a starting point for trying out life on the island. The Settlement Consultant has a list of rental agencies and has several good tips on how to easily find a rental property that meets your needs. 

If you are interested in researching the housing market further with a view to buying property, you can find the different real estate agents selling property on the island by searching on the internet: search “bolig” and add one of the following additional search words “Ærø”, “Ærøskøbing”, “Marstal”, “Søby” or use one of the post codes “5960”, “5970” or “5985”. If, for any reason, you are in doubt about your house purchase, you can ask the sellers if they want to let the property with the right to buy.

Good advice on house search

  • Visit Ærø. See for yourself what types of houses are here, and find out which areas of the island attract you the most.
  • Consider what you desire in relation to the property’s character and location. Would you like to live in the countryside or in one of the towns – or somewhere in between?
  • Talk to the local people and the Settlement Consultant, who can guide you according to your wishes and needs regarding property and location, neighbourhood and activities.